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Implementation of Android Project.

1) Market ReachThe mobile app industry is growing regarding the huge and growing user base, symbolize the influence of this system.

2) Open Source PlatformAndroid being an open source platform, It can be collected free to develop an app and expand its prototype.

3) Cross-platform Integration: Android platform offers developers chance for developmental research in partnership with other platforms.

4) FlexibilityAndroid has no developmental condition like iOS platform, Android is highly flexible to go after many developmental capabilities.

5) Demand for Android developers: Now a time software Companies are looking for mobile app and software firms are turning to mobile app development. This growing situation has increased the demand for aspect Android developers.

6) Easy AccessibilityA developer can use the Android open source platform from anywhere or anytime through a system, device and internet connection.

7) High Earning Potential: Developers can develop an android app for a business company with a software firm or they can work from their home as well by creating mobile application