Electrical and Electronics Engineering involves designing, controlling and maintaining the electrical equipment. Some of the project areas of the electrical field are power generation, power system equipment maintenance and handling, industrial control and robotics, power electronics and energy systems. 

Some of our featured projects are Home automation system, Smart Energy meter using GSM, Automatic Solar Tracker, 5 Arduino Projects, Solar & Smart Energy System, PCB Manufacturing etc.

The are many categories in which we do the project viz:

Power electronics Projects:

1) DC DC converters

2) Inverts

3) Ac dc converters or rectifiers

4) Power drives control

5) Induction motor control

6) Bldc motor control

7) Pmsm motor control

8) Dc motor control

Renewable energy power generation:

1) Green energy

2) wind power generation

3) solar power generation

4) hybrid power generation

5) Power system

6) Power quality improvement

7) Grid connected systems 

8) Fuzzy controller

9) PID controller

10) HVDC