Latest BioMedical Engineering Project Topics 2016 - 2017

Keeping in mind the latest clinical researches, Biomedical engineering project list is provided below which covers many research based topics focusing on biology and healthcare. Students can fetch real time ideas and comprehend knowledge on how the bioengineers work, how the designs are developed, how the clinical issues are solved and how requirements are met.

BioMedical Project Titles List

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BioMedical Project Titles

1 Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System. BIO MEDICAL
2 GPS Based Patient Monotoring Alert BIO MEDICAL
3 Microcontroller Based Patient Monitoring System BIO MEDICAL
4 Operation Theatre Automation and Controller (OTAC) BIO MEDICAL
5 NICU Monitoring With PC BIO MEDICAL
6 Data Acquisition from body parameters using Zigbee BIO MEDICAL
7 Health@Home – Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs BIO MEDICAL
8 Secure Medical Tags For Reducing Medical Errors & Drug Interaction With EHR System BIO MEDICAL
9 Monitoring Human Joint Movement Using Wearable Computing BIO MEDICAL
10 Accessible Electronic Interaction for People with Partial Paralysis BIO MEDICAL
11 Speech Based Control and Alert System for Senior Citizens Using Android Mobile BIO MEDICAL
12 Wireless Power Transmission For Biomedical Application BIO MEDICAL
13 Health at the Home: Remote Health Monitoring for Patients and Senior Citizens at the home by using Centralized Web Server BIO MEDICAL