Top 5 mechanical engineering projects for students which will enhance their skills

TOP 5 Mechanical Projects for students that will enhance their skills and add experience of implementation for making them market ready.

The projects are designed and executed in such a way that it exposes the students to latest technologies and implementations in the field of Mechanical Engineering and helps them to understand the finer points in terms of problems faced during the Implementation process.

Design and Fabrication of WALKING BIKE Treadmill Bicycle

This paper deals with conversion of a conventional bicycle into treadmill bicycle. In this bicycle the frame of the bicycle is completely modified and the treadmill is placed in between the two wheels, on which user will walk. As the user walks or runs on the treadmill the belt moves to the rear. At the rear roller RPM Sensor is attached to the roller from where Sensor will sense the speed of the roller and accordingly it will send signal to motor. The motion of motor is transmitted to the front wheel by which we can get the motion of wheel and bicycle runs.

Exercise are advised for health promotion, and prophylaxis for many cardiovascular diseases and also for rehabilitation after an episode of disease. Among the exercises aerobic exercises are appropriate for these purposes. To do aerobic exercise many methods are available for example: running, jogging, walking, cycling and others. Among different modes of exercises in the modern busy life, the cycling and treadmill exercises are the commonest to perform as indoor aerobic exercises. In motor driven treadmill exercise which is similarly to walking or jogging or running depending upon the speed of the treadmill motor is becoming more familiar to all. Thus we made an innovation to take that treadmill in park. This is nothing but having a walk in a park. The electric bicycle (e-bicycle) market varies greatly by product type and regional demand. The placement of electric motors for e-bicycles is also receiving increased consideration. E-bicycle can have motors in one of three locations: the front wheel hub, mid-mounted at the bottom bracket (pedals), or the rear wheel hub. The rear wheel hub is the most popular location, and most of the large Chinese market is utilising rear hub motors. Rear wheel hubs are thought to be best for throttle-controlled bikes, whereas the other locations work well with e-bicycles that only provide electric power when the pedals are being used (pedal assistance).


  • Pollution control.
  • Useful for exercise purpose.
  • reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources.

The treadmill bicycle is a totally new way of moving. With the electric assist it takes less effort to walk then “a walk in the park”. It is the combination of the DC motor, Hall Effect Sensor and amplifier boosting your walking pace up to the higher speed. Increased use of fuel has resulted in increase of pollution and degradation of natural resources. With increasing population and their need, it has become necessary to control the use of fuel and decrease the pollution; so as to make it avail it’s important to our coming generation. Due to heavy busy schedule people are not able to give attention to their health and physical fitness. As it uses no fuel so it saves energy simultaneously it can be used as treadmill and Bicycle. No need to use it as conventional treadmill in closed room; you can roam on roads also.

Problem Statement

  • In our day to day life we see that many people’s use bikes cars as a source of transportation. This results in environmental pollution and fuel consumption.
  • • In manual treadmill the motion of the treadmill is rough to overcome this we use a motor to rotate the rotors.
  • Batteries which are widely used in automobile sector is not rechargeable thus when they disposed create pollution.
  • To improve all above phenomenon we take initiative by designing something which would help to reduce these harmful phenomenons.


What makes the walking treadmill bike with electric assist awesome? It has the same fat-burning benefits of a regular treadmill, but lets you exercise outdoors or even en route the work. Based on study, men burn 124 caloriesrunning roughly a mile on a treadmill, and 88 while walking. Women, on the other hand, burn 105 and 74 respectively.

It allows you to stay physically active while travelling at the same time. You can practically exercise at any time of the day. If you drive out often, you get to exercise just as often. You are basically killing two birds with one stone when you ride the treadmill bike. It features a rugged design and all terrain tires that let you stroll down rough roads or run through evergreen forests. If you want to explore roads less travelled, you can do so using the walking treadmill bike with electric assist.

It lets you jog or take a walk without getting your shoes dirty or modified. Because of its hard wearing belt that offers grip, you don’t need to worry about slipping or falling off the treadmill. It has a variable resistance feature that caters to people of all ages that are fit and balanced enough to ride walking treadmill bike with electric assist. But even if you are not that active, you can start with the treadmill bike. It comes with a brake that immediately shuts off the motor and a freewheel function that you can activate when going downhill. It has safety features that you would not normally find on a regular bike.


Figure shows the Catia model of walking Bike. For the movement of the walking bike sprockets mechanism is provided. Walking bike is a combination of treadmill and cycle. Tread belt is fixed with a frame which consist of supportive rollers and two main rollers at extreme ends for movement of the belt. On the extreme last roller


Sprocket fitted on rear roller is attached to the motor sprocket by means co745of chain drive. Motor drive the cycle and smoothen the movement of the treadmill belt. Motor drives the cycle by transferring the motion by means of idler which is use to move wheel in forward direction. Cycle wheel consist of a sprocket and on the same shaft of the idler another sprocket is fitted.

Cycle wheel sprocket is attached with chain drive to this sprocket. Motor which drives this whole mechanism drives by means of battery placed at the carriage on top portion of rear wheel.


Main components of Walking Bike are:

  • Tread belt.
  • Motor.
  • Electric Bike Battery.

1. Tread Belt

Tread belt comes in one-ply and two-ply options. One-ply tread belts are basically the cheapest option, needing replacement over time whereas two-ply tread belts are thicker and last much longer. Some tread belts come with cushioning and impact absorption which is highly recommended for your joints and comfort level. People with muscles or joint problems or obese users are advised to opt for a more cushioned running surface. Tread belts having harder surface may be used but cushioned docks are highly recommended. This is an important feature as it will help to make impact less jarring to your joints. Many treadmills can cushion up to 23% of the impact, with 12-14% being the average.

2. Motor

While many people just compare the horsepower of the motor, actually look at the type of motor in addition to the horsepower. Basic treadmill motor are available with 2.5hp (horsepower) and 1440 rpm. It is not suitable for driving on roads due to traffic issues. Also it will leads to accidents so for the walking bike we use a common traction motor with 0.3 hp and 300 rpm. With this much of speed the cycle can be drive easily.

3. Electric Bike Battery

Electric bike batteries typically come in 24V, 36V, 48V and 72V batteries. Here is another analogy: electricity is water. If it is water flowing through the wires (tubes), then higher voltage means that the water (energy) moves


In our attempt to design a walking bike, we have adopted a very careful approach. Total design work has been divided into two parts mainly,

Mechanical Design.

System design mainly concern with the various physical concern and ergonomics, space requirements, arrangement of various components on the main frame of treadmill, arrangement of tread belt and rollers, position of braking system, arrangement of motor, sprockets, ease of maintenance, scope of further improvements, ground clearance etc. In mechanical design, the components are categorized into two parts.

  • Design Parts
  • Parts to be purchased.

For design parts, detailed design is done and dimensions thus obtained are compared to next highest dimensions which are readily available in the market. This simplifies the assembly as well as post production servicing work. The various tolerances on work pieces are specified in the manufacturing drawing. The process sheets are prepared and passed on to the manufacturing drawing. The process sheets are prepared and pass on to the manufacturing stage. The parts are to be purchased directly are specified and selected from standard catalogue.