IOT Based Projects For ECE Final Year Engineerring Students

Academic Project Offers latest IOT based Projects for students which helps the students understand the nuances of the technology and the implementation process across the hardware and cloud .It is the best was to get an insight about the working ofthe latest trends in IOT Project technology as we use Latest IEEE based IOT project titles for implementation .IOT encompasses the combination of Data Acquisition and the Data manipulation using internet as the enabler.

Given below are a few IOT Based Project ideas which can be implemented

A Comparative Study on Internet of Things (IoT) and its Applications in Smart Agriculture

Agriculture plays a vital role in country’s economy and it has an extensive contributiontowards human civilization. Due to the growing expansions in sensor devices, RFID andInternet protocols the architecture of Internet of Things (IoT) has been made to supportagriculture by making a Smart agriculture. This paper describes the implementation ofvarious IoT techniques and intelligent decision support systems used in agriculture. Itprovides a wide review on methods and technologies like ANFIS and PLSR Modelpredictions, experiences in various challenges as well as further work are discussedthrough the review article.

A Study on IOT Approach for Monitoring Water Quality Using MQTT Algorithm

Degradation of water resources has become a common problem. The conventional methods of water quality monitoring involves the manual collection of water sample fromdifferent locations. These water samples were tested in the laboratory using rigorous skills. Such approaches are time consuming and no longer considered to be efficient. The older method of water quality detection was time consuming, low precision and costly. By focusing on the above issues, a low cost water quality monitoring system is developed and designed that can monitor water quality in real time using IOT. In the proposed system water quality parameters are measured by different sensors such as pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen for communicating data onto a platform via microcontroller system. So in order to meet all these requirements, other technologies can be used such as MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) which allows publishing and subscribing of data between the sensor and end device. And with the help of MQTT algorithm there will be simultaneous flow of data between the sensors and the servers.

Key Words: Internet of Things (IOT), MQTT, Raspberry Pi, Naive Bayes’ theorem, Arduino etc.

IOT Automatic Control System Based on User Command Analysis

As the IoT (Internet of Things) has been commercialized recently, studies are underway for user-customized services. Accordingly, the service should be changed according to the characteristics of the user rather than the unified service. However, when existing systems operate automatically, there is a problem of providing a uniform service to all users without providing a customized service. To solve this problem, this paper proposes an IoT automatic control system for analyzing user commands. The system collects the user's remote control commands to organize the user data sets, classify the collected user's commands according to the devices, and classify the user's work ordersin time to derive the average operation of the devices. Through this, it is possible to provide services with improved user convenience and system accuracy. Keywords: Data Analysis, IoT, Sensor, Smart Home, Visualization

IOT based Bridge Safety Monitoring System

Advancements in sensor technology have brought the automated real-time bridge health monitoring system. Many long span bridges in Korea and in Japan have adopted this real-time health monitoring system. In this, a new idea of bridge health monitoring system is introduce. For short distance (among sensors in the bridge) TCP/IP wireless network is tested, and CDMA for long distance (between the bridge and the management center) data communication is tested.

This system composed of:

  • Monitoring devices installed in the bridge environment.
  • Communication devices connecting the bridge monitoring system and cloud based server.
  • A dynamic database that stores bridge condition data.
  • A cloud based server that calculates and analyzes data transmitted from the monitoring devices.

This system can analyze and monitor in real time the conditions of a bridge and its environment, including the waters levels nearby, pipelines, air and other safety conditions. The detected data and images are transmitted to the server and database to the users to have real time monitoring of the bridge conditions via mobile telecommunication devices.

Keywords: Monitoring Centre, TCP/IP, IoT, WI-FI Module, Sensors

Monitoring and Controlling of Fire Fighthing Robot using IOT

The aim of this paper is to design a robot which acts as an extinguisher of fire. This proposed firefighting robot is expected to produce a small but verypowerful and versatile robot. It detects fire in the disaster prone area. We design this project with the help of XLR8 board. It controls and detects fire automatically. With the help of the IOT we can also control our robot manually. We can switch between these two modes i.e., automatically or manually in either way we want. We are using a camera to know what is happening and Raspberry pi to know the status of the robot.Here, the firedetection robot overcomes the problem of hitting the obstacle by sensing the obstacle and moves into the direction where it is obstacle free.